Concussion in Sport

Gymnastics Australia Position Statement

Gymnastics Australia officially endorses and supports the Concussion in Sport Australia position statement. This statement is an initiative of medical professionals from the Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Medical Association, Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians and Sports Medicine Australia.

“Athlete health and wellbeing is highly important for everyone working with athletes of all ages,” said National Performance Director Andrew Logan.

“In gymnastics, a fall from an apparatus, a miss-timed landing or a tumbling pass may result in a knock to the head. Any knock to the head, face or neck can have serious health concerns and for those who are working in the daily training environment, you need to be able to recognise a concussion, know how to manage a suspected concussion and manage a return to participation after a concussion.”

The concussion protocols provide a clear outline as well as learning resources for athletes, medical professionals and team staff around the recognition and management of concussion in sport, at any level.

Concussion has been a serious on-going issue in sport and is something that has been at the forefront of athlete wellbeing and protection around the world.

Although gymnastics may not be a high-risk sport for concussion injuries, it is critical to be well educated on this topic.

As a National Sporting Organisation, GA understands the importance of recognising and managing concussions with athletes at any level, to ensure a full recovery. GA has multiple resources that will be able to further assist our athletes, medical professionals, team staff and parents with concussion management.

For any further information about Concussion management, please contact Gymnastics Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Dr.Kathy Yu at [email protected]

Sport Australia Position Statement