Updating & Professional Development

What are Updating Points?

It is essential that GA accredited members maintain their competency through practice. This is commonly known as professional learning or professional development, but within Gymnastics Australia this is defined as updating (UPD). Updating is a term used at Gymnastics Australia to encompass learning, education, professional development, professional learning or training. Gymnastics Australia asks that you undertake regular learning to ensure that you maintain your competency.

To renew your technical membership annually you are required to provide evidence of your learning. To do this you need to collect updating points to show that this has occurred. All the information that you need to know about updating can be found in the Updating PolicyGA’s Updating Policy applies to all Technical Members including Judges and Coaches.

Please see the table below for the required points for renewing your membership at each level.

The Updating Policy describes how GA Technical Members maintain and progress their competencies in order to maintain their Technical Membership. GA updating requirements as described in this policy offers flexibility in the type of activity undertaken, whilst ensuring that the activity is relevant to the member’s accreditation/s. This approach is adopted with the objectives of:

1. Maintaining the currency of the member’s skills and knowledge
2. Developing the abilities and experience of members over time through regular participation in activities that provide consolidation and extension
3. Maximising the retention of competent members
4. Developing and retaining records of all training and updating activities participated in by members
5. Upholding the respect for the coaching profession.

How to Get Points into the Database

Courses and workshops which are run by Gymnastics Australia or your State or Territory Association will automatically be entered into the database once they have been processed. For any other activities, you will be asked to provide evidence (usually a certificate of completion or a report) and this can be uploaded to your LMS account, for external courses that are not listed in the LMS please forward your completion report/certificate to your State or Territory Association's Education Team. Listed below are some examples of activities that updating points can be awarded for.

Updating Ideas & Professional Development for All Levels

GA Online Training Resources

In addition to Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Accreditation courses, GA has a number of short courses and webinars available in Flex. These can be accessed by logging in to your GOL (Gymnastics Online) account and clicking the 'Go to Flex (LMS)' button, located on the lower left of your technical member portal. The courses listed below are all located in the 'Professional Development and Updating (Online)' category of your Training Library.

Self-Reflective Detective
Designing your Annual and Seasonal Plan
Designing your Physical Preparation Program

Athlete Pathways Series: Webinar Recording 1
Athlete Pathways Series: Webinar Recording 2
Athlete Development Series: Webinar Recording 1
Athlete Development Series: Webinar Recording 2
Body Positive Guidelines Webinar
Whole body injury prevention; believe that it's possible
GV Workshop Series: An Introduction to Inclusion Awareness
GV Workshop Series: Behaviour Management
GV Workshop Series: Bridging the Gap from Injury to Performance
GV Workshop Series: Developing a Successful Ballet Program
GV Workshop Series: Sprinting technique and drills for vault
GV Workshop Series: Strength and Conditioning: An introduction
GV Workshop Series: Tumbling in Isolation
LaunchPad Zoom Online: Neuro-nastics and DMPs

External Training Resources

If you have completed any of the courses listed below, please log on to Flex (GA's LMS) and upload a copy of your certificate. Document uploads can be completed by clicking on the training library and then navigating to the 'Document Uploads for Updating Points' category. If there is not a tile in the training library with your course name, please forward your certificate to your State or Territory Association's Education Team.

SportsAus Online Courses
Community Coaching Online Course
Community Officiating Online Course

Play by the Rules Online Courses
Child Protection & Safeguarding
Complaint Handling
Ethics and Ethical Decision Making in Sport

Harassment & Discrimination
Inclusive Coaching
Introduction to the Integrity of Sport
Let Kids be Kids
LGBTI+ Inclusive Club
Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)
Walking the Talk

Sports Integrity Australia (SIA) eLearning
Annual Update 2021
Anti-doping Fundamentals Course
Child Safeguarding in Sport Induction
Clean Sport 101
Coaches Course
Competition Manipulation and Sports Betting
Ethical Decision Making - Helping or Dobbing?
Ethical Decision Making - It's the Fans, Coaches, Sports Fault...
Ethical Decision Making - Moral Duty or Team Duty?
Ethical Decision Making - Starter Course
Introduction to Illicit Drugs in Sport
Introduction to Match Fixing
Medical Practitioners Course
National Integrity Framework
Parent's Guide to Clean Sport

Special Olympics Australia Online Courses
An Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
Creating a Positive Gymnastics Experience for Participants with Autism
Improving Sport for Intellectual Disability

Sports SA
Child Safe Officer Training

First Aid and CPR Updates
HLTAID009 - Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - Find a Training Provider
HLTAID011 - Provide First Aid - Find a Training Provider
HLTAID012 - Provide First Aid in an Education and Care Setting - Find a Training Provider

Gymnastics Victoria Online Education

Australian Strength and Conditioning Face to Face Courses

Sports Dietitians Australia Face to Face Courses

Scope Australia Online Courses
Accessible Information
Communication Access
See the Person