Spin to Win

An innovative project from the GA Pathways team

Gymnastics Australia (GA) is supported by the Federal Government's Australian Institute of Sport Competitive Innovation Fund. ‘Spin to Win’ is a collaborative project led by GA in partnership with Diving Australia (DA), Ski & Snowboard Australia (SSA) and the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia (OWIA). It is a sophisticated Talent Identification and Transfer program which results in having high quality acrobatic talent training in the most suitable High Performance Sport Development Pathway. 'Spin to Win' aims to build a successful and sustainable national system of talent identification, development and transfer to maximise podium performances at world championships and Olympic Games in each sport in the future.

It is well accepted that Gymnastics, Diving and Aerial Skiing all have one thing in common – an acrobatic skill base developed through early involvement in gymnastics. Check out our ongoing list of Gymnastics Talent Transfers to a variety of other sports, demonstrating gymnastics is the 'nursery of all sports'!

Talent Identification - Providing support to targeted High Performance Gymnastics programs

Spin to Win is assisting by:

  • Involving clubs in an appropriate level of the talent pathway

  • Providing opportunities through camps and clinics for talented children to be identified

  • Stream lining procedures to access talent from scouting at competitions

  • Assisting local gymnastics clubs to form partnerships with high performance centres

  • Co-branding talent search opportunities, including providing various promotional materials

Talent Transfer - 
Providing support to Diving and Aerial Skiing High Performance programs

Spin to Win is assisting high performance Aerial Skiing and Diving program by:

  • Contacting athletes who have transitioned out, or are in the process of transitioning out of gymnastics, to discuss their suitability for talent transfer opportunities

  • Assisting with Diving and Aerial Skiing search for new talent

  • Tracking current gymnasts in our system and documenting their acrobatic strengths using the Virtual Assessment Tool (VAT) system

  • Taking a whole of sport approach – involving clubs and State Associations, via the State Gym Sport Managers, to be aware when athletes are transitioning from gymnastics

  • Hosting ‘Open Camps’ to give the opportunity for talented athletes’ to be identified and to spread the message of opportunity of talent transfer post gymnastics career

  • Providing support to targeted gymnastics programs and resources for Talent Identification activities - a luxury of most high performance gymnastics programs, but a necessary task to guarantee a healthy talent pipeline.


Open Camp

Twice a year in June and December Gymnastics Australia holds the Women’s Gymnastics Open Camp at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, for Australian Levels Program 7 to 10 gymnasts. Open Camp is a unique opportunity that allows gymnasts and their coaches to experience high performance training at the AIS and access world class facilities and support services.


Who are out next Sporting Champions? 

Find out more about recycling talent and success stories from former gymnasts, including Olympic gold medalists and World Champions.

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Are you our next Sporting Champion?

Spin to Win Reports

Gymnastics Australia is required to report quarterly to our funding body regarding the Spin to Win project and it's progress. Below is a summary of theses reports:

Sports in partnership with the Spin to Win project

For more information regarding talent identification, talent transfer or the Spin to Win project, please contact GA's National Elite Coaching Manager, Graham Turner at [email protected].


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