Advanced Coach and Advanced Judge updating points

From 1 January 2015 an Advanced Coach and Advanced Judge will only be required to gain six (6) updating points. This is a reduction in six points. Judges that have already been issued with a Technical Membership renewal form from Gymnastics Australia that states that a requirement of 12 points to update should note this will be waived upon renewal.

Updating points are not recorded. If a record of updating points is not up-to-date, it may be due to the following reasons:

The member has only recently completed a course or workshop. Please allow at least four weeks for the course or workshop to be processed and records to be updated.

The member has recently completed an event or competition. A record will not be updated until the course has been closed. Please allow at least four weeks post course for this to occur. The course cannot be closed if there is outstanding payment (not necessarily yours).

The member’s name was not added to an event or competition (judge, coach or volunteer). If the member is aware that others have received points for the same event or competition, they should contact their state or territory association.

At this time of year, many coaches and judges are required to renew their Technical Membership. For those who have no completed updating their points to enable renewal, click here for further suggestions about how this can be achieved.