GA and FIG Technical Regulations for 2015

With the New Year fast approaching, members can shortly expect the Technical Regulations produced by Gymnastics Australia and the National Commissions to be released, as well as those from the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) for those considering international events.

For Gymnastics Australia’s gymsport-specific 2015 Technical Regulations Part B please visit GA’s Bylaws, Policies & Technical Regulations. 2015 versions will be added as they become available. Part A – Commission Governance remains unchanged, Part B – Technical Regulations contains slight changes.

FIG informs members that the Technical Regulations 2015 have been published on the FIG website. Click here to access the section.

Gymnastics Australia wishes to acknowledge National Commission members for their diligence and cooperation in preparing the rules, many of them impacting upon national events, awards and levels programs.