Gymnastics Australia hosts international FIG Academy Level 3 coaching course

Gymnastics Australia and the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG) hosted an international contingent of 45 coaches from five federations in Canberra recently who took part in the FIG Level 3 Academy coaching course for Men’s and Women’s Artistic and Trampoline Gymnastics.

Eleven presenters from around the world attended the course, the calibre of which was outstanding including the five Australian presenters. Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) National Coach Peggy Liddick, WAG High Performance Program Manger Liz Chetkovich and QLD High Performance Centre Head Coach Sergei Chinkar were joined by sports experts Stacey Umeh and Shayne Hanks to form the Australian presenting team.

The Academy program was led by the Director of FIG Education and Academy Programs, Hardy Fink, and President of FIG Scientific Commission, Keith Russell. Additional presenters from France, Russia, Great Britain and the USA were Christophe Lambert (Vice-President of the Trampoline Technical Commission), Nikolai Makarov (Head Coach of Russia for trampoline), Paul Hall (coach of MAG Olympic and World medallists) and Mihai Brestyan (coach of World and Olympic champions for the USA).

The seven-day course was jam packed with two theory sessions followed by two to three practical sessions. The theory topics ranged from advanced anatomy and biomechanics, medical research on injury mechanics, quadrennial planning and psychology and communication. The course candidates were required to complete a theory and practical examination at the conclusion of the course in order to achieve their High Performance and or FIG Brevet qualification.

Gymnastics Australia congratulates all participants in the course for their attendance and achievements throughout the course. Click here and here to read further articles on the FIG course and Brevet achievements on the FIG website.

Gymnastics Australia thanks Woden Valley Gymnastics Club for the use of their trampoline venue and the following coaches, clubs and programs who supported the course:

  • Belinda Cox - Castle Hill RSL
  • Dmitry Kachan - Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance
  • Peter Abbott and Sergei Chinkar - QLD High Performance Centre
  • Martine George – WA Institute of Sport
  • John Curtin and the MAG National team athletes
  • Brett Austine - Eastlake Trampoline Sports
  • Peggy Liddick and the WAG National team athletes

Gymnastics Australia is also thankful to the athletes who participated in the course. The course could not run without athletes of such a high skill level who can perform the skills the coaches are learning.

Click here to read further details about the FIG presenters at the FIG Level 3 Academy Course.