Want to learn more about the WAG Australian Levels Program?

As part of the roll out of the Gymnastics Australia and National Commission’s new Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) Australian Levels Program (ALP), a series of workshops are available within all states, providing the chance to learn from a presenter who has witnessed choreographer Lisa Bradley teach these routines.

Many of the presenters will be well known and may also be a member of the National Commission.

Each workshop will take participants step-by-step through the routines, mainly focusing on Floor and Beam for Levels 3 - 6, to enable a thorough understanding of the dance style and element connections.

Although routines are detailed in the Manual, face-to-face learning has many additional benefits including providing the opportunity for question. States may also offer a presentation around the theory content of the ALP.

We will make the handouts from these sessions available online for those who cannot attend the workshops.

Many of the workshops are included in State Congresses around Australia. Below is a list of current workshops. For more information on when the sessions are being presented in your state, contact your state association or visit their website.

SA – 11 January (Karen Norden and Arlene Hunsdale) 
QLD – 12 January FULL, 1, 9, 16 February and 2 March (Trisha Hade and Lacie Jones) 
WA – 17 January (Desiree Jones) 
NSW – 17 and 18 January (Linda Taylor and Skye Benson) 
ACT – 31 January (Michelle de Highden and Lisa Bradley)
VIC – 1 February (Jill Wright and Arlene Hunsdale)
TAS – 1 February (Karen Norden and Olivia Burnett)

Gymnastics Australia acknowledges and applauds the ongoing work of our presenters and National Commission.