NCE Perth Program

Joint GA – GWA statement 
4 June 2019 

Gymnastics Australia (GA) and Gymnastics Western Australia (GWA) confirmed in a meeting tonight with parents of NCE Perth athletes that a change of operating model for the National Centre of Excellence (NCE) in Perth will be brought forward to the end of 2019. 

The GWA Board is committed to maintaining a High-Performance WAG program in the state and is working toward finding the optimal model to ensure the ongoing operation of a High-Performance Centre. 

Both GA and GWA will continue to work closely together to ensure the flow to a new primary funder, and a new program owner is as seamless as possible with the best interests of the athletes first and foremost. 

GA is 100% committed to ensuring that a WAG HP program in WA is recognised, remains viable and integrated within the National High-Performance pathway. 

The decision to bring forward a new model has come about for a variety of reasons, over and above the desire of GWA to have a state-based HP program. 

While exact details of what the new program will look like are currently unknown, the decision was made to inform parents of the impending change at the earliest opportunity. Ongoing transparency and communication with parents will be a priority. 

Recent and ongoing changes to the Australian Institute of Sport performance investment to Gymnastics has necessitated change to how GA HP funding is allocated across all Olympic High-Performance sports and activities. 

Due to the revised funding strategy by the AIS, GA is now not in a position to sustain current funding levels for the Perth NCE meaning that we are required to bring our initial commitment to funding until the end of 2020 forward to the end of 2019. 

GA and GWA are committed to providing support to athletes and parents during this period and counselling / psychology sessions will be available to all athletes and parents. Senior GA and GWA representatives have also made themselves available to speak with any parents affected one on one.