Judges' courses for the cycle 2022 - 2024 - Sports Department Official Communication

Thursday 21 October 2021

The FIG Executive Committee has approved a proposal where all Intercontinental Judges’ Courses will be cancelled for this cycle. All certification of judges in all disciplines to begin the new cycle will be done through online tests. These online tests allow judges to certify/recertify without travel, and at a very low cost.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to further travel restrictions worldwide. This has caused the TC Presidents to reevaluate their previous proposal that was approved by the EC just over one month ago.

The details:


  • The 2022-2024 Code of Points will be used for competitions in all disciplines starting 01 January 2022.
  • Online education of course materials will be provided for free to all FIG brevet judges and new candidates by STS by December 2021.
  • Every judge for a FIG registered competition from 2022-2024 must first show competence with the new Code of Points before judging. This will be demonstrated by an online test starting in early 2022 (January/February). If a judge fails, they will not be awarded with an active brevet and can choose to retest (one time only) at a later date.
  • No Intercontinental Course will be held this cycle.
  • No International language-based courses will be held during the cycle.
  • Regional Courses may be held in later in the cycle to allow current judges to elevate their brevets up to Category 2.

Online Test - Brevet Certification 

  • Judges may confirm their current category for the cycle by passing an online test.
  • No upgrade is possible from these online tests during the cycle.

New Judges' Brevet Certification 

  • New judges may certify and receive a brevet for Category 4 through the online tests.
  • Regional Courses may be held in 2023 to allow new judges to certify.

Note: More information will be available through revised General and Specific Judges’ Rules once finalized by the TC Presidents and approved by the EC.