1st FIG Parkour World Championships lights up the world

The first ever FIG Parkour World Championships have concluded with four aussies making the trip to Tokyo to be part of the historic occasion for the sport.
Stephania Zitis shone for the Aussies, with the 2021 Parkour World Cup Speed Bronze Medallist qualifying for the Speed semi-final, with a time of 47.69 seeing her sitting in 10th place in what was a strong field of 18 participants. Moving into the semi-final, Stephania finished with a time of 1.03.38, seeing her narrowly missing a place in the top 8.  

Stephania also finished with a score of 14.0 in the Freestyle qualifying event, finishing in 15th place. 

Whilst she may not have qualified for the final, the trip to Tokyo was still an incredibly fulfilling time for Stephania. “I wish I had made it to the finals, but I know that it takes a lot of hard work to be a world champion.”

“Being amongst the best parkour athletes in the world is for sure very inspiring. As many of them are also my long-term friends, it gives me the opportunity to speak to them personally about their training and athlete journey. Watching them grow and seeing the effort they put in to get where they are today makes me strive to be the same”

For the men, social media star Brodie Pawson finished in 16th place in the Speed qualification, his time of 29.08 just not enough to progress into the semi final. In the same event, New South Wales’ Kent Felton finished with a score of 32.02.

Felton scored 11.5 in the Men’s Freestyle competition, with fellow New South Welshman Harrison Gabriel scoring 10.0. 

We congratulate all of our Parkour athletes who made it to the World Championships, and we cannot wait to see what is next for all of them.