Maya Bennett

       Consistent results in Junior competitions – nationally and internationally - have seen Maya Bennett become a rising star of Rhythmic gymnastics - 2016 will mark her first year of competition at the Senior International level.

Incredibly, Bennett has racked up 20 medals in National competition since 2011, including four gold medals. For five consecutive years, she has finished third in All-Around competition, while she achieved her fourth gold medal when she won the Rope competition in 2015.

Overseas, Bennett has achieved her best results at the Gymsport National Championships in 2012, finishing second in All-Apparatus, while winning the Hoop competition. She also participated in the Pacific Rim competition in 2014, finishing 12th in the All-Apparatus competition, and 10th with Ball.


Birthplace: Brisbane, Queensland
Current Residence: Chiba, Japan
Occupation: Student - Year 10
Nickname: Mayachan
Sporting motto: Train insane or remain the same.
Most admired sportsperson: Mikami Maho
Favourite sports team: Russian national rhythmic gymnastics team
Favourite music: Anything on the radio in English and Japanese!
Favourite movie: The Notebook, Hairspray, Burlesque and Hunger Games
Best piece of advice received: If you never try you will never know.
Superstitions or pre-competition rituals: If I do a good routine I always go to the same bathroom to get changed.
How do you relax when you are not in the gym? Reading or watching Dance Moms


Age began gymnastics and reason for starting: 6 years of age - ever since I was little I had always loved to dance and move around, so my mum put me into my first ballet class at the age of 3. I loved ballet and continued for another 3 years. I decided that I then wanted to try another sport, so I tried artistic gymnastics. Just after a few weeks I realised I was petrified of the beam and that was to end of my short lived artistic career. Then one day I saw a add in the newspaper about a sport called rhythmic gymnastics and I was immediately fascinated and signed up at my local club.
First Club: Moreton Bay College
First Coach: Gina and Edit Peluso 
Current Club: LeRay Gymnastics @ Meriden
Current Coach: Adachi Miho and Dani Le Ray
Best apparatus: Hoop
Strengths as a gymnast: Connection with the music and dance
Favourite aspect of being a gymnast: Expressing emotion through movement
Favourite skill: Penche
Most difficult skill to learn: Ring balance


Best National Performance: 2014 Australian Gymnastics Championships
Best International Performance: 2012 NZ Gymsport National Championships
Best Gymnastic Moment: Being selected to represent Australia at the Pacific Rim Championships


Year Jun/Snr
Ball Clubs Ribbon
2016 Senior
2nd 3rd N/A -
2015 Junior 1st 3rd N/A 3rd 3rd - 1st
2014 Junior 2nd 3rd N/A 1st 2nd 2nd =5th
2013 Junior 2nd 3rd N/A 9th 4th 5th 2nd
2012 Level 8 International - 3rd N/A 1st 13th 2nd 1st
2011 Level 8 International - 3rd N/A - 3rd 2nd 2nd


Year Event
2014 Pacific Rim Championships, CAN 4th 12th N/A 16th 10th 14th 13th
2013 AYOF, AUS 4th - N/A - - - -
2012 Gymsport National Championships, NZ - 2nd N/A 1st 3rd 3rd 3rd


Commonwealth Games: N/A
World Championships: N/A
Olympic Games: N/A