Gymnastics NSW and the Australian Training Company are proud to announce that we have gone into partnership to offer the first Gymnastics Sports Coaching Traineeship offered to High School Students as well as Full Time Traineeships.

The High School Traineeship is a fantastic way to develop the Junior Coach as a whole, as well as benefiting them as Students. The course itself consists of a 2 year certificate II in Sport Coaching specialising in Gymnastics. Once they undertake the Traineeship it can count as units towards their HSC (2 units in Yr 11 and 2 units in Yr 12)  It is possible for students to undertake it on top of their current workload! It's really that simple!  To find out more click here.

The Full Time/Part Time Traineeship is also available for those wanted to pursue a career as a Gymnastics Coach (at a certificate III level). This Traineeship will take place in a "full time" or "Part Time" work environment whilst gaining a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation (Gymnastics). A further exciting opportunity with this Traineeship is that candidates can choose to either specialise in Administration or Event and Facility Management! To find out more simply click here.

Clubs who choose to use this fantastic program are eligible for all the benefits of the traineeship including incentives payments of $2,000 for school based traineeships and up to $4,000 for full time traineeships. Conditions apply.

 This is a great opportunity for clubs to develop more qualified, more confident and importantly more competent coaches and there is no cost to the trainee or club for the course.

Another great factor for clubs is that any affiliated club in NSW can sign up to the program, as it is not only offered to our Metro clubs, but Australian Training Company (ATC) has the capacity to offer such Traineeships throughout many regional facilities in NSW, so if you are a country club it’s as easily accessible as it is to your city counterparts.

If you would like to know more about this amazing opportunity, please contact the Australian Training Company on 02 9704 1500 

Traineeship Host Brochure
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Trainee Brochure
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