5 things you didn't know about Men's Senior International athlete Gabriel Swan Mclean

He's been in the gym since he was born

Gabriel's always been in gymnastics, with his mum, Mandy the Junior Men's High Performance Coach for NSW.  
"I was in the gym since I was born but I didn’t start properly until I was 6." 

He is obsessed with is dogs 

"I have 3 Tiny cute dogs, they are named; Rocky, Rex and Rosie."

He loves Mexican food

"My favourite food is basically anything Mexican so when it comes to that I love to make some good Mexican."

He likes to draw in his downtime 

"I only really used to draw in school art class and was okay at it. Once I finished school I started to draw and paint a bit in my spare time and I’m slowly getting better at it."

When he's not in the gym he likes gardening and...cleaning!

"I love to do gardening and cleaning whenever I can. It’s productive and feels good once it’s finished."