5 things your coach want you to know

We know that right now, this is for the best.

Miss being in the gym every day of the week? Same. We live in the gym and being away is hard, however we know that to help do our part, we all need to stay home for a little while. 

We are still planning and programming for you

While we may be home, we are still working hard for our athletes. From planning programs to delivering online classes, know that we are working hard behind the scenes to keep you doing gymnastics. 

We want you to stay safe – and work on the basics.

Remember how we didn’t let you try that skill until you were ready? The same applies now.  We all know that good basics can lead to bigger and better skills down the track.  We don’t expect you to be able to do everything you could do before the gym closed – but we will be super impressed by your flat splits or 1min handstand hold!  

We will take it slow when you get back

Even with online training, we know that it will take some time to get back to where you were…and that’s okay. As coaches, we are trained to adapt classes to suit our gymnasts’ abilities, and that will be the same when we can all train again. 

We can’t wait to train again

As coaches, we live in the gym even more than our gymnasts – and we miss it like crazy. While training may look a little different when we can train again – we can’t wait to be back!