Teacher Courses

Gymnastics NSW has aligned with the Department of Education and their School Sport Unit to offer gymnastics courses specific for teachers who wish to develop their knowledge and competence in gymnastics.  These courses cover the basics of fundamental movement as well as all the curriculum requirements for Gymnastics. All our teacher professional development is registered and endorsed by the QTC.

We currently offer 2 courses:

Fundamental Movement Course

This workshop has been specifically designed by Gymnastics Australia to help give teachers an understanding of fundamental movement and its relation to physical activity (including all sport, fitness and recreation activities) and brain development. It will also introduce all the Dominant Movement patterns in gymnastics and give some insight into planning your lessons.

Gymnastics Primary/Secondary Foundation & Gym for All combined.

After completing this workshop, Teachers will be able to:

  • Provide a safe environment for their participants, including adequate physical preparation, in which to develop fundamental movement and gymnastic skills

  • Understand how movement is vital to mental and physical development and provide developmental opportunities for their participants through movement

  • Understand how movement can be utilised to develop learning and cross-curricular links

These workshops are very practical in nature, providing teachers with a teaching framework for daily physical activity which will enhance students’ fundamental motor skills relative to all sport and physical activity, as well as providing valuable links to brain development. One other perk of the courses is that our presenters are registered teachers who are also accredited gymnastics coaches. Using their personal knowledge of the school system they will be able to provide expert advice on how to align your program directly to the syllabus and assess its outcomes in your lesson. 

To view and book onto the courses that are available in your area please visit the School Sport Unit Website here

For any teachers who have completed a Face to Face course please click here to subscribe to GymSkools, Gymnastics Australia's online lesson plan builder.
Please not only teachers have attended a face to face course will be eligible to subscribe to this.   

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For more information about the teacher courses we run please contact our Education Officer at education@gymnsw.org.au