Child Safe Standards FAQs for Clubs
If you are a new club or don’t understand what the Child Safe Standards are please read this information.
What are the ‘Child Safe Standards’? 
In the past few years Australia has had two very important reviews into the abuse of children in organisations like schools, religious organisations and sporting clubs. These reviews are called the Royal Commission (Australia-wide enquiry) and Victoria’s Betrayal of Trust inquiry

The reviews found that many organisations were not very good at keeping kids safe, especially from sexual abuse. To combat this, new laws were created, first in Victoria (the Child Safe Standards) and now Australia-wide (National Principles for a Child Safe Organisation).

How do these laws affect my club? 

All Gymnastics Victoria affiliated clubs are required to comply with the Victorian Child Safe Standards. This law came into effect for Gymnastics clubs on January 1st 2017. Compliance with the standards is overseen by the government body called the Commission For Children and Young People

In 2020 the new affiliation standards mean that every club needs to do a 'child safe self assessment’ to ensure they are on track to being compliant with the laws. GV’s job is to help support clubs meet these legal requirements and investigate any concerns that relate to child safety. Clubs that do not meet the standards may not be able to affiliate with GV in the future. 

I follow all the GV policies, does that mean I’m compliant? 
Following the standards is about much more than having a policy in place. It’s about ensuring child safety is built into the day to day running of the club. Child Safety needs to be front of mind much like OH&S is.  

What are the 7 Child Safe Standards? 
VicSport has put together a simple document that gives an overview for each of the standards. Click on the image to download a copy.

I need help making my club Child Safe 
GV is here to help! Here are several ways to get you started:

- Follow GV's step by step guide by clicking here
- Go straight to our specially adapted and ‘gymnified’ child safe resources
- Contact us on our child safe email [email protected]