Fitness At Home

Gymnastics Victoria’s Fitness At Home is an inclusive series of warm up videos for children to follow while at home.

The videos have been made to help children continue working on their fundamental movement skills and remain physically active during this challenging period.

The warm ups are easy to follow and professionally developed, led by Gymnastics Victoria MAG Coach Arthur Voulgaris.

The program is free and may be used by parents or schools to help keep their children and students engaged and physically active.

In addition to Fitness At Home, Gymnastics Victoria has put together a series of 'Skills At Home' videos demonstrating gymnastics skills that can be safely learnt from home. 

Please read this disclaimer before participating, guardians will need to ensure their child has an adequate amount of clear space around them, supportive runners and a soft surface such as carpet or a yoga mat to participate. 
If you would like to do more gymnastics contact your local club.

Skills at Home - Beginner Handstand Program

Skills at Home - Beginner Handstand Program from Gymnastics Victoria on Vimeo.

Skills at Home - Developing Handstand Program

Fitness at Home – Dynamic Warm Up

Fitness at Home – Full Body Stretch 

 Fitness at Home – Core Program

 Fitness at Home – Support Program

 Fitness at Home – Balance and Jump Program