Celebrating its long rich history, on 12 November, Moyhu District Youth Club marked 70 years of gymnastics with an afternoon tea and display.

Attracting guests from across the country, the intimate event recognised the long-standing club and it's contribution to the local community.

Amongst those in attendance was Club Founder and Ex-Director, George. Sharing insights to the regional clubs' humble beginnings, the 93 year old spoke passionately to a captive audience articulating how his passion for movement was the driving force that allowed him to turn a dream into reality.

"Before it was was a Gymnastics club, the center was a club house offering general forms of fitness including wrestling and boxing for young boys" began George. "I tried all sports on offer [however] "I didn't like the high rate of injury."

"I always liked Parallel Bars, Horizontal Bar, and Vault" said George. "And, over time we started to collect equipment". It was a result of the influence of George and his passion for the sport that the club eventually branched out to include Gymnastics. "We didn't have much in the beginning ... but every week we had a full class". And, it was with that, the Moyhu Gymnastics Centre was born.

"It [the club] has had such a close tie to the Moyhu community," said Head Gymnastics Coach, Sophie Enders in an interview with the Wangaratta Chronicle.

"It has been great looking through the old records and the number of students and coaches who have been involved – and then looking at where it sits today – and it's fantastic to see it in such a strong, popular and supported position."

Image: Moyhu District Youth Club life members at the 70th Anniversary event on 12 November.

Today the regional club hosts gymnastics classes three days a week with more than 100 gymnasts taking part. Now known as an integral part of the community supporting the growth and development of young Victorians, in conjunction with Gymnastics Victoria the club also offers a series of practical training programs for junior coaches.

Sophie says the benefits of the gymnastics program extend beyond the gym floor and basic skills.

"All of our coaches encourage and support young people to develop as people, as well as their physical ability."

Gymnastics Victoria CEO Robin O'Neill drove out to join the celebration.

"It was wonderful to join the team as they marked this all-important milestone. Clubs such as Moyhu form the cornerstones of our sport. By growing foundation skills, offering training and programs, more Victorian children will have the confidence and ability to engage in a lifetime of sport and physical activity." said Robin.

"On behalf of Gymnastics Victoria, we wish Moyhu District Youth Club a very happy 70th Anniversary."

Image: Attendees at the 70th Anniversary event on 12 November.

Image: Moyhu District Youth Club.