Trampoline Gymnastics (TRP, DMT, TUM) 

Trampoline - A single competitor performs routines combining ten different skills, judged and scored on the quality of performance, the degree of difficulty and the time of flight.

Trampoline (TRP)

Synchronised Trampoline - Two competitors bounce on separate trampolines, aiming to match their skilled performances to perfection.

Synchronised Trampoline (TRP)

Double Mini Trampoline - Two skills are performed in sequence, one on the Double Mini Trampoline bed and one to dismount

Double-Mini Trampoline (DMT)

Tumbling - Tumblers perform two passes demonstrating sequences of forward, backward and sideward skills, rotating from hands to feet and feet to feet.

Tumbling (TUM)

If you want to take your Trampoline Gymnastics career further, find out more about specific judging and coaching courses.

Trampoline Gymnastics is governed internationally by the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG).